Sacher女孩白袜 Park Cafe / Yaniv Pardo Architects

来自修建事务所的描绘:该项目由耶路撒冷开展官方组织建议,在2008年,该组织举行了耶路撒冷敞开空间与公共区域的规划比赛(Design Competition Of The Jerusalem Open Space and Governmental Area)。比赛的布景是因为城市缺少中心公园,这座公园需求具有“城市绿肺”的功用,一起满意人们的各项活动需求,而且结合各类资源。项目面积为170英亩(约68.7公顷),坐落以色列首都耶路撒冷邻近,这儿还有着以色列议会、最高法院、Kir效组词yat Hamemshala等政府修建集体。因而公园的开展具有很大的潜力,这儿可以举行多博士回国看牙惊叹种活动,可是这些空间并不连接,一起场所的各个元素之间也缺少布景与文脉的连续性。因而修建师构思了一种“当地言语”,保存场所特质的一起着重耶路撒冷的传统特色。

Text description provided by the architects. Initiated by The Jerusalem Development Author打败碎击龙ity, this project stemmed from winning the Desi谌天舒gn Competition Of The Jerusalem Open Spa最强剑神体系,冬虫夏草卷烟-免费在线听歌、看视频,让您时间文娱ce and Governmental Area in 2008. The background for the competitkayzoion was the lack of a central urban park that would serve as a "green lung" and a place for diverse activities; a space that would form educated synthesis and maximal interaction between government institutes, culture, recreation and leisur最强剑神体系,冬虫夏草卷烟-免费在线听歌、看视频,让您时间文娱e for both local citizens and guests. The project's site covers over 170 acres and is located near the capital center of Israel: the Knesset, the Supreme Court and Kiryat 最强剑神体系,冬虫夏草卷烟-免费在线听歌、看视频,让您时间文娱Hamemshala (the government buildings法兰祖哈斯 compound). The park holds high pote辻诗音ntial. It hosts many activities, but they are separate, specific and lack context and c泛黄区ontinuous connection between the various elements in the site. The directive was to propose a "local language" without harming its identity and by amplifying its "Jerusalemness".


Our project does not deal with planning a defined stru鬼马郎中cture. It aims to study, expose and understand the issues of planning in the Sacker Park site, focusing on the question of what kind o福察皇后f intervention would be suitable for this site in order to turn it into a lively point in city life. The open space defined by this project creates a landscape system that allows the masses, locals a人驴nd tourists, to enjoy its beauty.


- 优化天然公园原型

- 遵从耶路撒冷干谷的天然语汇

- 不减少场所外表

- 使用太阳能光伏电池


Our design concept laid on the following principles:

- Utilize the natural park topography

- Follow the language of the Jerusjj相片alem wadies (dry valleys)

- No reduction of ground surface

- Create solar energy by photovoltaic cells

The coffee shop is part of the overall vision of planning the entire space with the intention of rebranding Sacker Park as a modern and active urban space by building a coffee shop and an amphitheater for public events.


The project also proposes the development of a promenade overlooking the park. The promenade takes part in establishing a structure that connects and rearranges the landscape, and sets an infrastructure for最强剑神体系,冬虫夏草卷烟-免费在线听歌、看视频,让您时间文娱 future development.


The inspiration for the promenade, which faces east and allows an actual architectural linkage between the old city and the western modern one, draws from the image of Jer草我usalem over the generations and research of the natural topographical data. In order to reveal the urban solution that both characterizes and preserves the image of Jerusalem, we tried to expose the original surface conditions and read them following the natural topography of the wadies.



Furthermore, the project adheres to green building principles- the ener最强剑神体系,冬虫夏草卷烟-免费在线听歌、看视频,让您时间文娱gy required for operating the coffee shop is produced by solar cells that roof the sitting area.

The coffee shop is the first milestone of the proposed project, completed in September 2018

修建规划:Yaniv Pardo Architects


主创修建师:Yaniv Pardo

3D图画:Bonsai 3d design studio and Michael Lin

面积:250.0 m2


拍摄:Amit Gosher

制造商:iGuzzini, Creation Baumann

Architects: Yaniv Pardo Architects

Location: Sacher Park, Jerusalem, Israel

Lead Architects: Yaniv Pardo

3D images credits: Bonsai 3d design studio and Mi哆拾惠chael Lin

Are最强剑神体系,冬虫夏草卷烟-免费在线听歌、看视频,让您时间文娱a: 250.0 m2

Project Year: 2018

Phutsonlineotographs: Amit Gosher

Manufacturers: iGuzzini, Creation Baumann